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Love, Poppy Jewels

It has been just one short year since Love, Poppy, a jewelry company based in Starkville, MS, began. Since its August 2013 founding, the company has grown tremendously. Chelsea McIntosh, the founder and artist behind this beautiful jewelry, took some time to reflect on the company’s journey. She talked through some factors that make up the company’s origin, discussed Love, Poppy here and now, and even looked toward the future.

First and foremost, Chelsea highlighted the company’s product. Love, Poppy specializes in handmade bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, and most jewelry items are either gold-plated or gold-filled. From the start, Chelsea has stayed committed to the company’s goal of customer service and quality. She desires all of her product to stay within a reasonable price point, all while having a very high quality. In addition, all of Love, Poppy jewelry is driven by both the current fashion trends and Chelsea’s own style. “All designs are based on my gut,” Chelsea said when asked about her style, ensuring her personal stamp of approval on every item made. 

So, what’s in a name? For Love, Poppy, there is deep-rooted meaning and fond memories intertwined into this unique company name. Chelsea was very close with grandfather, “Poppy,” who was a mailman. Because of her strong relationship with him, she wanted to honor Poppy through the company in some form or fashion. Ultimately, “Love, Poppy” was chosen because it included her grandfather’s name and highlighted his occupation. The logo’s cursive lettering looks like somebody’s signature that would be found in a handwritten letter, giving a subtle, yet special tribute to this cherished man and his career.

In addition, Poppy himself inspired the customer service element Love, Poppy brings to its customers. Each order is personalized with candy and a handwritten letter. “I want customers to feel special when they open their package,” Chelsea said. As a result, this intimate touch has created a strong and loyal customer base. Last year’s Miss MSU, Laura Lee Lewis, is just one of many individuals who love this company and sport its product. You can see some of Laura Lee’s favorite pieces here.

One of the neatest aspects of this story is Chelsea’s close relationship with Deep South Pout. She worked for the boutique for some time, including the boutique’s opening year. She is also good friends with the owners Shannon and Nicole. Consequently, Deep South Pout was the very first store to carry Love, Poppy jewelry! Regardless of the company's expansion and reach, its roots will always be in Starkville and DSP.

Looking to the future, Chelsea hopes for continual growth in wholesale business. While Love, Poppy is in approximately 50 different stores across 11 states, she would like to see various product in more stores statewide and out-of-state in the years to come. She would also like to partner with more ministries like Reclaimed Project (see Love, Poppy’s Botswana bracelet here), as well. With the overwhelming success from Love, Poppy’s first year, there is no doubt that these goals will be accomplished and more!

There are a couple of ways you can follow Love, Poppy and keep up with the latest styles and products. You can follow the company’s Instagram @LovePoppyJewels & Facebook Facebook.com/LovePoppyJewelsThese social media sources are extremely helpful and allow you to stay updated with sales, promotions, and new product.


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Photography Credit: Masa Kathryn Photography

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