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God is moving in big ways through Reclaimed Project. The locally based non-profit currently partners with several communities throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, and a recent trip to Botswana and Lesotho confirmed the growth and progress God is initiating. Brett and Allison Barnhill, Reclaimed Project’s Outreach Coordinator and Director of Operations, traveled to these countries over the course of 21 days. They visited old friends and checked in on the orphan care centers in Botswana, as well as ventured to Lesotho to survey the potential opportunities at hand.

Currently, there are two functioning orphan care centers in Botswana. Two churches in Lesotho, Africa, a land-locked country within South Africa, have reached out to Reclaimed about developing an orphan care center there as well. There are over 300,000 orphans in Lesotho, making 1 in every 4 people orphans within its total population. With that staggering statistic, it is evident there is a huge need that begs to be met. Additionally, there has been discussion about work in Zimbabwe regarding job creation. Zimbabwe has the highest rate of widows in the world, primarily due to the AIDS epidemic. A group of Zimbabwean women desire job creation opportunities and two missionaries in Zimbabwe want to partner with Reclaimed Project to accomplish this goal.

Botswana in red, Lesotho in green, Zimbabwe in yellow.

Joining the Barnhill’s for this three-week stay were Kenny and Adrienne Simms, Reclaimed Project’s newest missionaries. The team of four traveled together to experience work already being accomplished through the established care centers, as well as to expose the Simms to life in Lesotho and get a feel for future endeavors. Beginning in January 2015, the Simms will serve on site in Lesotho, Africa for a two-year commitment. They will work with the local churches to help establish the Lesotho orphan care center and train locals with various job skills.

Lesotho men carrying river stones to help build the care center.

Allison drove home the heart behind Reclaimed Project by sharing the non-profit’s unique quality. “What makes Reclaimed different is that we’re devoted to a sustainable approach partnering with the national people. We do this because we believe God has given [these people] the skills to meet needs in their community," Barnhill said. If nothing else, the people of Reclaimed Project want others to know that creating sustainability and reproducibility within these communities is why this ministry exists. Avoiding dependence and striving for empowerment through skill-set education is the model used in the current care centers and it will continue to be replicated in future partnerships. Most importantly, all of Reclaimed Project's work is done in Jesus's name; spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the ultimate, eternal goal.

Allison Barnhill at the Lobatse Baptist Care Center in Botswana.

“We want to be where the work is happening,” Barnhill explained. With your support, you too can be a part in the work that is going on in Botswana, Lesotho, and Zimbabwe. One way you can stay connected with Reclaimed Project is by downloading the new Reclaimed Project app. Search for “Reclaimed Project” in the App Store and receive full access to Reclaimed’s many resources. It’s free, easy, and super informative!  You can also visit www.reclaimedproject.org for more info.


Photography Credit: Allison Barnhill

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