Support the 1:27 Initiative!


Part of our life's mission should be to live beyond ourselves. For quite a while, we have felt the burden of living out the biblical call found in James 1:27. The heart of the 1:27 Initiative is to allow 1 person to leverage into the movement by giving 27. It may be 27 cents at a cash register as you checkout. It may be 1 person giving $27 per month. It's about being others-minded as you are shopping and fighting for those who have no voice. The question is ... Will you fight with us? Will you be part of the change? Consider giving the next time you see the 1:27 Initiative sign.

The 1:27 Initiative supports Reclaimed Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization birthed out of a desire to exalt Christ by fulfilling the biblical mandate to serve orphans and the poor. We seek to accomplish this by focusing on the following areas: educational assistance for the underprivileged, care for orphans locally and around the world, creating sustainable change in impoverished communities, and provide grants for families seeking adoptions.

Founded in Starkville, Miss., in 2012 by the owners of Deep South Pout, Reclaimed Project connects those who wish to serve to underserved people in that state and around the world.